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Faces of Fly Fishing: Tanner Smith

Everyone meet this week's Faces of Fly Fishing highlight, Tanner Smith. One the best beer drinkin, meat slingin, brown trout slayin, and friendliest fisherman...

Costa Behind The Guides: Will Benson

In our latest Behind The Guides Interview we sit down with Captain Will Benson, a fly fishing guide from the Florida Keys.
Joe smiling

Faces of Fly Fishing: Joe Humphreys

In anticipation of the worldwide release of the inspiring documentary, "Live The Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys" Flylords had the honor of spending a...

Faces of Fly Fishing: Jeremy Koreski

Flylords: Who is Jeremy Koreski?  Jeremy: A photographer who grew up in a little coastal town on Vancouver Island, Canada called Tofino.  Flylords: When did you...

Jako Lucas Explains the “Jakoing” Phenomenon

This year a social media trend swept through fly fishing, and its name was "Jakoing". Of course, the name stems from our good friend...

Costa Behind the Guides: David Mangum

Meet Captain David Mangum, the owner, and operator of Shallow Water Expeditions. The operation is located on the Florida Panhandle, where Dave has been targeting...

Costa Behind the Guides: Chris Willen

Meet Chris Willen, a Musky Fishing Guide from Wisconsin. We are excited to add Chris to our ongoing blog series "Behind the Guides" presented...

Faces of Fly Fishing: Tatum Monod

Tatum Monod is a professional freeskier from Canada with an incredible passion for fly fishing and the outdoors. She is a true role model...

Costa Behind the Guides: Arlo Townsend

 Meet Arlo Townsend, one of the longest working guides on the Truckee River and Pyramid Lake. We spent the day with Arlo searching for...

Costa Behind the Guides: Alvin Dedeaux

Meet Alvin Dedeaux, the owner, and operator of All Water Guides. The operation is located in Austin, Texas where Alvin and his guides target...