Behind the Scenes: YETI’s Hungry Life

Flylords caught up with Eduardo Garcia host of Yeti's short video series called "Hungry Life." Where he makes memorable meals with what’s on-hand, learning...

Artist Spotlight: Richard Blanco “Slackertide”

Flylords: Who is @Slackertide? Blanco: Richard Blanco aka Slackertide is an illustrator, graphic designer, and artist who just tries to make some funny and cool...

Fishing BC: Cariboo Rivers with Eric Jackson

We had the opportunity to sit down with pro snowboarder and avid steelhead fisherman, Eric Jackson. Last fall, he traded in his steelhead rod and...

Photo Essay: Alvaro Santillán

Alvaro Santillán is the owner and operator of Focus On The Fly Media, he is a 28-year-old photographer/videographer from Spain. His combined passions, fly...

Faces of Fly Fishing: Derek DeYoung

Derek DeYoung was born on a bayou near the shores of Lake Michigan where his love of fishing was ignited. Over the years his...

Photographer Spotlight: R. Valentine Atkinson

We had the honor to sit down with legendary photographer Val Atkinson. He has been a flyfishing and travel photographer for over 35 years. From continent to continent, Val has had the chance to catch the unique beauty in landscape and the fish that live there.

Photographer Spotlight: Greg Koch

There are two things I am extremely passionate about. The first is fishing. I’ve been fishing since before I can remember, and spent countless...

Fly Fishing Art 101: with Artist Sarah Landstrom

Have you ever thought about getting into fly fishing art? We thought right now is a great time to give it a go. So...

Featured Fly Tyer: Hugo Harlin

Hugo Harlin is a Swedish fly tyer who has exploded in the fly tying Instagram scene. His creations (as you will see) are as...

Artist Spotlight: Eric Estrada

In our Artist Spotlight Series, Casey Anderson of Pyramid Fly Company sits down one on one with artists across the fly fishing world to discuss...