How to Make a DIY Dubbing Brush Maker

As fly fishermen, we spend hours at the tying bench whipping up everything from dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Simple nymphs and dry flies...
envision murder hornet

How to Tie: Steve Yewchuck’s Murder Hornet

For this week's "how to tie", we have a little something different planned. Last month, we partnered with Norvise Tying systems to present the...

The Mayfly Project and Confluence Collective Team Up For Fly Tying...

We’re teaming up! With both The Mayfly Project and Confluence Collective spending more time behind the vise than usual this year, we’re especially excited...
rainbow trout

Best Flies to Fish: The Gunnison River

A curated list of Tips and Flies to help you on your next trip to the Gunnison River.
the yellow sally stimulator

How to Tie: The Yellow Sally Stimulator

In this week's how to tie video feature, Tim Flagler from Tightline video is here to show us how to tie the yellow sally...
homemade rabbit strips

How to Make DIY Rabbit Strips

Catching fish on hand-tied flies can be extremely rewarding but imagine using a hand-tied fly with homemade rabbit strips... that's next-level cool. There are...
miller tying flies

Featured Fly Tier: Braden Miller

Being successful and making a difference in the fly fishing industry is no easy task. Doing so at the age of fourteen is undoubtedly...
fly box

5 Saltwater Flies Everyone Should Know How to Tie

While tying flies can be tricky, saltwater flies are a great place to start due to how easy they are to tie. The skills...

Featured Fly Tyer: Hugo Harlin

Hugo Harlin is a Swedish fly tyer who has exploded in the fly tying Instagram scene. His creations (as you will see) are as...

5 Trout Fly Patterns to Tie Under 2 Minutes

Like many fly anglers, I have been spending more time behind my vise as of late. It's easy to take an abundance of time...