The 7 Best Fly Fishing Dogs

“Hey Mr. Whiskers, wanna go on a fishing trip?” – Said no one… There's a reason we call them "man's best friend." A dog...

Fly Fishing Commercials That Made Us Say “WTF”

Every time we see a new commercial featuring fly fishing, we get a little suspicious, most feature either filmmakers with seemingly no fly fishing...

Video of the Week: Stuff Fly Fishing Gals Say

Last spring, Emerald LaFortune approached me about making this silly short. She’s an outdoor writer and avid fly-fisherwoman (am I saying this wrong? Haha…)...

5 Tips to Improve Your Streamer Game

I had a pretty busy year. A few months ago I published a smallmouth book that I co-wrote with my friend and bass guru,...

Top Five National Parks for Fly Fishing

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Gear Review: AxisGO Phone Case

We spent the last week shooting on the new AxisGO phone case from Aquatech imaging solutions and our first response is... "Wow, we haven’t...

7 Things You Never Knew About Brook Trout

Did you know that brook trout can live to be over 10 years old? Or that the female actually lays 3000 eggs? Find out more in 6 things you never knew about brook trout.

Watch These Trout Go Airborne to Snatch Dragonflies

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Arctic Grayling

#1 - The scientific name of the Arctic grayling is Thymallus arcticus. It was named in 1776 by German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas from specimens collected in...

Tips to Make Your Pyramid Lake Trip Unforgettable

Fish the Ledges Without a lot of foliage and structure, the Lahontan cutthroat trout use the ledges of drop-offs from the sandy flats as ambush...