Scientific Anglers Amplitude Grand Slam Line Review

You can prepare all you want for saltwater trips, but in the end, Mother Nature is going to do whatever the hell she wants....

Video of the Week: Beyond the Horizon

This week's featured video is one of my favorites from this year's run of the F3T. Beyond the Horizon is a film about some...

He Said, He Wouldn’t Bail: Fly Fishing Colorado’s Dream Stream

Two things are true, it’s been a historically hot, dry summer here in Colorado and if you fly fish here, you know where the...

Shark Week On Fly: Lemon Shark

Shark week is here people! Which get's us excited about sharing Shark on fly stories every single day for the next week. Up first...

Behind the Brand: Marsh Wear

Founded in 2010, Marsh Wear stems from a 100 year old family tradition of fishing in the Lowcountry. Over the past few years, the...

Peter Moyle Named Fly Fisherman Magazine’s Conservationist of the Year

Featured image: John Sherman for Fly Fisherman Magazine Peter Moyle is a very well known name in conservation circles, especially when speaking about cold water...
Brown Trout on Mouse

Late Night Special: Brown on the Mouse

After a night of many blow-ups and misses, @matt.khall got one to hang on at 2:30 AM. Photo: @pcon3.14.

Lodge Spotlight: Taylor River Lodge, Colorado

We want to help you experience some of our favorite fly fishing adventures. If you are looking to plan a fly fishing adventure shoot...

The LeHigh River: A Hidden East Coast Paradise

When you think of big, wild east coast brown trout, typically you think of the Upper Delaware River or the tailwaters of New England....

Season Finale of MeatEater’s Das Boat Premieres

"Das Boat" sounds like one of the craziest concepts for a fishing show we have ever heard of. The MeatEater crew boat a 30-year-old...