Washington State Fishing Protest

Washington Anglers Protest State Recreational Fishing Closures

Richland, Washingon - On Saturday, April 18th, hundreds of boaters and anglers gathered in Washington State to protest the state government's closure of recreational fishing...

Podcast of the Week: Wet Fly Swing – Joe Humphreys Interview

For this week's Podcast of the Week it only made sense to feature the Joe Humphreys interview from Dave Stewart over at Wet Fly...

Wisconsin Farmer Wins Legal Battle Over Brook Trout Stream

In Portage County, Wisconsin, Farmer Donald "Justin" Isherwood just won a legal battle over a brook trout stream. This was no ordinary creek, however....
Flylords Striped Bass Double

2019 Cheeky Schoolie Tourney Kicks Off Striper Season

Every May, a great migration to Cape Cod begins, hundreds of anglers hear the call of the Striped Bass and head east to intercept...

The Satisfaction of Fly Fishing

 "Never stop learning, never stop experiencing, and never be satisfied." This is what I would call an applicable motto for most of us fly...
How to Double Haul Cast - Orvis

How to Perform a Double Haul Cast

Have you ever run into an instance where your normal fly casts just weren't reaching the areas you were targeting? Or have there been...


Next up on the Behind the Lens feature of F3T, we had the pleasure to sit down with Jay Siemens from Thrive Visuals to...
Nooksack River Washington - Patrick McNall/Flickr

Dam Removal Begins on Washington’s Nooksack River

Another PNW wild salmon and steelhead river will be once again set free from its impoundment as the Middle Fork Nooksack Dam near Bellingham...

Regularly-Updated Map Shows State’s Fishing Restrictions During COVID-19

Following along with the ever-changing state fishing and boating guidelines can be difficult with so many news outlets and individuals sharing different stories. Well,...

Don’t Sleep on Winter Fishing

For some, late Fall and Winter means putting away the fly rod for a few months to wait for fairer weather, but for others,...
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