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fly fishing yellowstone

How To Fly Fish Yellowstone National Park

Casting terrestrials below a steep bank of tall grass with bison groaning in the distance was the draw for me at 8 years of...
Fly shop with flies in foreground

Fishing Etiquette – How To Navigate a Fly Shop

Fly shops are special places— sources of local fishing information, the original social media hubs, cultural focal points, and one-stop shops for all things...

How to Embrace Busy Rivers: Dan “Rooster” Leavens

A quick note from Rooster at Stonefly Outfitters: A quick word to everyone that is here to fly fish in Montana: "Historically the second week of...
Truck backing into water

Boat Ramp Etiquette With The Qualified Captain

Boat ramps are common areas visited by people of all different experience levels whether it be guides, newbies, or weekend warriors. We teamed up...
oneandone steelhead

#OneAndDone – A Winter Steelhead Pledge

Winter steelhead populations in the Pacific Northwest have been on the decline for many years now. They face different challenges from harvest, hydropower/dams, habitat...

Fishing Etiquette: Flats Fishing

Many of you may have heard of stream etiquette ... but have you heard of flats etiquette? In order to deliver the best info...
spawning cutty

Spring Into Trout Love: What to Know About Upcoming Spawning Seasons

This Valentines' Day, we decided to take a moment from the heart-shaped chocolates, sushi dinners, and other means of compensation for a rod purchase...

2021 F3T Behind the Lens: Spot Burn

When you think of the popular hunting and fishing brand: Meat Eater, you're most likely picturing epic hunting, delicious game recipes, and just about...

Video of the Week: All Jokes Aside with Eeland Stribling

In this video of the week, we catch up with Redington and Eeland Stribling in their newest short film "All Jokes Aside". Eeland is...

Fishing Etiquette: Tips for Handling Big Fish

Just because you catch a giant doesn't mean that your fish handling techniques get thrown out the window. Here are 9 tips to help...