F3T 2018 Behind the Lens: Dubai on the Fly

We are excited to announce a new blog series presented by The Fly Fishing Film Tour. We will be conducting behind the scenes interviews with...

7 Things You Never Knew About “A River Runs Through It”

You've seen the movie a million times.. But did you know these crazy facts??

How to Stock Trout from an Airplane…

One of our favorite fishing related videos is watching western wildlife management officials stock trout from airplanes. This method allows the officers to release...

Flylords + Costa Present: IRMA

We are extremely excited to release our new film IRMA. We teamed up with Costa Sunglasses to help tell a story about the Florida...

F3T 2018 Behind the Lens: Beyond The Horizon

We go behind the scenes with Cold Collaborative, to talk about their latest film Beyond the Horizon. Presented by the Fly Fishing Film Tour

Behind the Scenes of “Our Two Hands” with Blood Knots

We sat down with filmmaker and guide Asher Koles to talk about his latest release, "Our Two Hands" a project focusing on wild steelhead...

Don’t Sleep on Winter Fishing

For some, late Fall and Winter means putting away the fly rod for a few months to wait for fairer weather, but for others,...

Beautiful Short Film: Fly Fishing Bavaria

About the video: When we plan and finally execute a fishing trip, we enter that mindset you entered as a child, while waiting for Christmas...


Early fall in Vermont. The sun rides low on the horizon. Clouds give way to cool breezes smelling of apples and pine. Rivers are...