F3T 2018 Behind The Lens: Alignment

Next up on the Behind the Lens feature of F3T is Alignment with Eric Jackson. You might remember Eric Jackson from his recent kickass performance in Travis...

New Video: The Drone Affair

We slowly crept up the side of the cliff to get some elevation on the run that lay ahead of us. The position of...

Flylords + Costa Present: IRMA

We are extremely excited to release our new film IRMA. We teamed up with Costa Sunglasses to help tell a story about the Florida...

F3T 2018 Behind the Lens: Beyond The Horizon

We go behind the scenes with Cold Collaborative, to talk about their latest film Beyond the Horizon. Presented by the Fly Fishing Film Tour

How One Man is Pioneering Catch-and-Release Fishing in Europe

"Welcome to Iceland" is a film created by Brothers on the Fly that captures the amazing landscape of Iceland while also showing the benefits...

Video of the Week: Una – The One

https://vimeo.com/ondemand/unatheone/184548122?autoplay=1 "Bosnia? Isn't that one of those war-stricken, ex-Yugoslavia states? Hm, don't know much about it but doesn't sound too tempting." That is what I...

Video of the Week: The Introduction

For this installment of Video of the Week, we had the chance to sit down with Jack Kos, and ask him a few questions...

F3T 2019 Behind The Lens: Bounce

F3T Behind the Lens: Bounce Interview with Rockhouse motion. Flyfishing film tour

F3T 2018 Behind The Lens: 100 Miles

We are excited to announce a new blog series presented by The Fly Fishing Film Tour. We will be conducting behind the scenes interviews with...

New Video: Dogs of War

What weight rod is typically needed to catch tigerfish? We were fishing 9 Weight outfits with fast sinking lines. You do not have to cast...