Striped Bass in Texas?

Striper fishing in Texas is something special. During the late spring/early summer, the wildflowers are blooming, storms are rolling in and out, and most...

10 Tips for Catching Golden Dorado in the Marshes

Golden Dorado, pound for pound, are some of the meanest, hardest-hitting fish, on the planet. While dorado fishing tactics can vary depending on location, these are some general tips for the species...Enjoy!

The Wild Cosmoledo | GT Capital of the World

Usually we fish the beautiful Alphonse Island and remote Astove atoll but this time we had a blast fishing the wild COSMOLEDO atoll known as GT capital of the world. "Geets" were everywhere and lots of em.

Costa Behind The Guides: Blane Chocklett

Check out the latest installment of Costa Behind the Guides presented by Costa Sunglasses. The flylords team was lucky enough to catch up with Blane Chocklett.

10 Things to Remember While Fishing in Variable Weather

South Island, New Zealand. The Maruia River is a gorgeous river with beautiful, predictable riffles, runs, and pools. It has great spotting banks and flows...

Costa Behind The Guides: Jamie Boyle

We are excited to launch a new original blog series presented by Costa Sunglasses. We will be highlighting some badass guides from around the...

Finding Fonti-Gnarlis

Big brookies, everybody wants one. They hold a special place in the vast majority of people's hearts. Whether it's the rarity of a specimen...

Why You Need to Fish the Blackfoot River

1. The Fish The river is home to five species of trout: Rainbow, Cutthroat, Cut-Bow, Brown, and Bull. Each species likes different types of water...

Kundzha: The Unsung Heroes of Kamchatka

By now you've seen the photos, viewed the videos, and watched the latest viral drone footage of those epic mouse devouring rainbow trout of...

10 Reasons Why You Need to Fish Untamed Angling’s Kendjam Lodge

1. ADVENTURE For the traveler and angler who has seen it all and wants to go beyond all civilizations and roads, Kendjam is the place....