Pyramid Lake Trout Camp

Assisted by many generous companies, we were able to put together a free 2-day beginners fly fishing course for the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe.

Anglers Driving Change: Katie Cahn – Casting For Recovery

In this series, Flylords had the chance to partner with BUFF to highlight some outstanding members of the fly-angling community who are taking action...

10 Nonprofits you Can Give Back To: Giving Tuesday 2019

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Plenty of family time, more food than previously thought possible, you name it there is a lot...

New Video: The Drone Affair

We slowly crept up the side of the cliff to get some elevation on the run that lay ahead of us. The position of...

Texas Trout Unlimited Chapter Reaches Far Beyond Lone Star State

A little while ago, a killer graphic surfaced: a western themed trout designed by Mike Tabie. The graphic highlighted Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited's annual...

Non Profit Organizations to Check Out this Giving Tuesday

We at Flylords hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family, good food, and maybe even a fish or two. Also, we...

Garbage on the Gallatin – Bikepacking and Fly Fishing

The bugle of the distant elk echoed throughout the valley as I watched my rideshare drive away, leaving me at the meeting place of...

Beloved Fly Designer and Guide Andrew Grillos Needs Your Help!

Last Friday, Andrew Grillos suffered a massive stroke and is currently in the ICU facing a long uphill battle. Andrew is an amazing fly...
edgar and fish

Staying Afloat #7: Sight Line Provisions

Introducing the Staying Afloat Series, where we take an inside look into the lives of many different fly fishing guides, shops, brands, and lodges across the...

TU Costa 5 Rivers Rendezvous – 2019 Northeast Recap

For some, the term Fly Fishing inflicts a casual passion, and for others, a lifelong pursuit. For some, it means throwing size 18 flies on...