2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour Stoke Reel & Trailers [UPDATED]

It's here!

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is one of the largest traveling events in the fly fishing world, and they just released a sample of some of the amazing films that we will get to see in the 2020 Fly Fishing Film Tour. This year’s tour features some incredible fly fishing footage from around the globe, covering the flats, streams exotic locations and conservation stories we all crave each year!

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our “Behind the Lens” series presented by the tour where we will go behind the scenes with the creatives behind this year’s films!

2020 Tour Locations:

For the full list of locations on this year’s tour, check out F3T’s full list, here!

The Films:


Common Thread

Cosmoledo Junkie

Project Rainbow

Down Under

Relentless Pursuit


Baja Lines

The White Water

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Video of the Week: Northern Natives

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