On April 23rd, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC), will meet to determine if they should issue an emergency order and cancel this year’s trophy Striped Bass Season.

As Capt. Chris Dollar writes in the Chesapeake Bay Magazine:

“Grave concerns about the apparently depleted striped bass stock has prompted staff of the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) to urge for emergency action to eliminate the state’s Spring Trophy-size striper season in the Bay, coastal waters and Potomac River tributaries.”

Virginia has been noticing a clear and harsh decline in Striped Bass harvests from recreational anglers, “from an estimated 368,000 fish in 2010 to less than 52,000 last year.”

The suggested emergency actions are:

  1. Elimination of the May 1 through June 15 season for the Chesapeake Bay trophy-size striped bass recreational fishery.
  2. Elimination of the May 1 through May 15 coastal spring trophy striped bass recreational fishery.
  3. Elimination of the April 20 through May 15 Potomac River tributaries spring striped bass recreational fishery.

We will be seeing more and more East Coast states take similar actions as Striped Bass populations along the East Coast receive more and more commercial and recreational pressure. We here at Fly Lords are strict catch and release anglers, and if you love the striped bass, perhaps you too should let these fish have time to bounce back like we know they have done in the past and will do again!

Source: Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

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